Friday, August 08, 2008

Update for Summer 2008

"Update for Summer 2008" doesn't seem like a very good title for a blog post unless the title of your last post some 2 years earlier was "Update for Summer 2006". Anyway, with "Science Friday" on in the background (a discussion on an amateur astronomy and a new(er) galaxy or something) let me type just a few words to bridge the gap.

Namely I've been married for 2 years now. I wouldn't really change a thing. We stay super busy with family and church so that is where most of the time goes. By the time we both get home in the evenings seems like there is just enough time for some TV. Thank goodness for a DVR and plenty episodes of Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch and Discovery Science. I've also tried to catch up on all the books I've "collected" at Borders over the years. As I get those wrapped up, they're going on BookMooch (look for me, KD5NJR) I brought a whole box back home of new books from the Holland Hall (prep school) Book Fair too, so there are tons of books to read.

KC5JKU (Gerry) and KD5RHF (Kevin) have been helping out with the Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club's Monday Night Net. That is still a good time to get everyone together on the air or in person most Monday nights.

Ahhh... the computer farm. The "daily driver" is a Mac Mini. I never did build another DOS machine from parts like I had intended too (bought a case, power supplies and incidentals 3 days before I got married) but as long as this little machine holds together and I don't need to write code or anything, I'll be fine.

I don't think I'm going to maintain a big outline of links like I had set up on earlier posts. Delicious seems to handle that.

Hear lately I have discovered Google Reader so that is letting me add links to Delicious account at an alarming rate. Helps my memory and Bookmarks organization. Jay says my memory is starting to go. I'm not suprised.

I discovered Facebook too. There is getting to be a fair percentage of my high school friends showing up on that. I'm surprised. That has been a lot of fun. Zack, Jay, Curt and some others from college are on there too.

I upgraded my amateur radio license to General class just to do it. I haven't put up antennas yet. Living down in a bit of a valley, I know it won't really help things on VHF anyway. Not a lot of regular ballooning activity like there used to be. I miss that, but the club has sponsored a foxhunt (hidden transmitter hunt) every month this year. That is fun in its own right.

With all these new web apps and blogs like MAKE: I'm sure I'll get the inspiration to try something new. I need to look over the documentation on Twitter this weekend.

How could I forget, after a couple years of working with television transmission (Vyvx) I moved from Level3 Communications to American Electric Power. I know I am going to enjoy it.

73 for now.