Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Back !!

Where did time go:

It seems like it's almost been a year and what do I have to show:
1) working in a different dept. at work than I used to.
2) I'm engaged.
3) Santa (and work) was good to me and I have a heap of new toys to experiment with this year including:
4) Posting furiously on the ASTRO (Okla. St. U. high altitude ballooning) forums. for more info.

a) a Heath ET-3400 microprocessor board (6800-based)
b) a BasicStamp board
c) an Intel play microscope with a USB port
d) a charcoal smoker....

so, a cool clock ? a flight computer for the balloon missions ? a torture chamber for electronic parts ? a computer-driven smoker ? stay tuned...